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Wholesale Market Accessory from 1688, Alibaba

Let's delve into the drawbacks of using Wholesale Market Accessory 1688 and Alibaba When should you use Wholesale Market Accessory 1688 or Alibaba?

Wholesale Market Accessory from 1688, Alibaba, Is this a good idea?

If you’ve been sourcing Wholesale Market Accessory in online wholesale platform and looking for lower-priced products, you may have considered exploring Alibaba and 1688 websites.

“Wow, the prices are so low?”

“It’s not even half the price of our wholesale we use now.”

“Isn’t the wholesale distributor a complete rip-off?”

“If I buy from 1688 or Alibaba, what would be the profit margin when selling online? this one”

wholesale market accessory platform alibaba

Let’s delve into the drawbacks of using Wholesale Market Accessory 1688 and Alibaba

1. Poor Quality (plating, finishing, coating, etc.
Plating may not last long, and finishing can be rough.

2. Limited Attractive Designs
To keep costs low, designs tend to be simple and easy to produce, resulting in a lack of aesthetically pleasing options.

3. High Defect Rate
Although improved, defects are still prevalent. If 2-3 out of 10 items are defective, purchasing from Namdaemun wholesale might be more cost-effective.

4.Difficulties in Exchange, Refund, and After-Sales Service
– Overseas transactions make exchanges challenging, and return shipping costs make it even more difficult.

5. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are still high for some designs.
– While it’s easier to find suppliers accepting small orders, high MOQs persist for certain designs or for maintaining competitive prices.

6. Discrepancy between Photos and Actual Products
– Jewelry may not be accurately represented in photos, making it challenging to confirm details like cubic zirconia size, plating color, thickness, and finishing.

7. Accumulation of Unsellable Inventory
– Poor-quality items may not sell, leading to a surplus of inventory that is difficult to use or resell.

8. Increased Customer Complaints due to Low Quality and Defects
– Low-quality plating and defects lead to a rise in customer dissatisfaction.

9. Long Lead Times
– Products from China may take a long time to arrive, impacting the ability to respond to market demand quickly.

Considering quality, design, and operational aspects, caution is advised when purchasing from wholesale market acccessory – 1688 or Alibaba.

When should you use Wholesale Market Accessory 1688 or Alibaba?

1. Economically Viable for Bulk Orders
– Suitable for businesses capable of importing in large quantities, e.g., sets or daily-use sets.
Basic Designs

2. Small and simple designs where the quality difference between China and Korea is minimal.

3. Low-Quality Concerns are Acceptable
– Suitable for online stores with a low-quality perception from consumers.

For successful businesses with high monthly sales, direct visits to accessory wholesale markets in Yiwu or Guangzhou may be preferable. Hiring a local agent to find and verify designs may be a prudent approach.

And recruiting a local agent to find such designs and offering a commission of around 10% should be sufficient.
In that case, the agent would verify and deliver the designs with at least the minimum quality and defects checked.

Upon searching for online stores, this company seems to excel in marketing.
Despite being composed of low-cost products, they manage to present them in a way that doesn’t appear cheap, covering them with appealing photos and concepts.

For small earring products, ear cuffs/hooks, and even hair plastics, there seems to be little difference in quality.
For items like hair ties and intestines, as long as the design is simple and the material is common, consumers may not be concerned.

I believe this company is doing well in terms of pricing, marketing, and other aspects.

some jewelry seller bought wholesale market accessory in KOREA

If you examine the product pages in detail, the supplier is likely to be a cooperative partner or an OEM from China.
If you find a good Chinese factory or agent, simply sending them the design or style of the item should result in the production or location of a somewhat similar product.

It’s similar to how wholesale companies in Namdaemun, Korea, produce OEM products in China.
Such online stores might assemble finished products from China due to the selling price.

I’ll tell you how to prepare your OEMs

  1. Start by opening an online store or physical shop with a basic quantity from accessory stores in Namdaemun, Korea.
  2. Slowly expand the product range that fits with your style.
  3. Import basic designs from China for cost savings.
  4. Import mid-range priced products from China using the knowledge gained from importing basic designs.
  5. Use the established routes to engage in OEM production in China.
  6. Simultaneously sell Korean earrings and necklaces throughout the process.
  7. Korean + some Chinese OEM.
  8. Develop and OEM produce your own designs in Korea.
  9. Develop and OEM produce your own designs in China.

However, you need to be cautious. While in Korea, OEM production usually involves the factory addressing defects or shortages.
Wholesale Market Accessory platform In China, This might be challenging.
Defects made in the factory could become your responsibility.

In the end, it seems you would take your brand with a combination of Korean and Chinese OEM.
This is likely the approach taken by successful online stores or franchise stores.

It’s important not to just think about bringing in products from China to sell but to consider the entire process from the beginning.

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