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A silver 92.5 earring can break?

I got a message from an overseas buyer saying the silver 92.5 earrings they received broke.

When I heard that, I thought, “Wait, if it’s silver 92.5, isn’t it supposed to be soft and bendable? Could it be that it’s not really silver 92.5 but just a pattern that looks like silver?”

As I mentioned before, most silver earrings sold in Korea are made in China or Thailand. Especially those with lots of cubic zirconia are often made in China and then brought to Korea.

But when you buy silver products in China, there are also fake silver products available. They sell them openly as fake silver in wholesale markets in China. So even if they say “Silver 92.5,” they’re still fake silver. It’s not a lie if they’re sold as fake silver.

Or sometimes they’re sold as silver, but they’re not really silver 92.5, just a mixture with less silver content. Even if the silver content is less than 50%, they can still call it silver earrings.

And sometimes they start by supplying real silver 92.5 products but later provide ones with less silver content.

So, when importing silver products from China, it’s good to regularly go to jewelry district to check the silver content and manage the Chinese factories.

Since we regularly check the silver content, they shouldn’t try to deceive us… But if they plan to deceive, they should give us proper products and deceive other suppliers instead.

The reason those silver 92.5 earrings broke like that is because of the plating. Of course, they can break from external impact or weight, but logically, if they’re silver 92.5, they should bend, not break.

But in this case, the breaking happened because the plating, which is harder and thicker than silver, holds onto the silver tightly from the outside. So when the hard plating bends and breaks, it also breaks the silver as they are held together.

Understanding this is important because:

  • If earrings arrive broken to a customer, it means they could break from external force or weight.
  • If a customer tries to bend the product by hand, it could also break. So even if it’s a silver product, if it’s plated, there’s a chance it could break when used by the customer.

So knowing that plated silver products can break from external force is crucial for handling customer complaints later on.



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