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I’ll give you most of the fashion jewelry information you need – 10 years of experience. [ E-BOOK ]

I’ll give you most of the fashion jewelry information you need – 10 years of experience

If you’re thinking any of the following, please keep reading.

“I am preparing to sell fashion jewelry, but I don’t know where to start.”
“I have no related knowledge and am just starting to prepare.”
“I have many questions, but no one around to ask.”
“I have no idea what I don’t know or what I need to know.”
“I’m worried that I’ll give up because it’s too vague on how to start.”

My experience and knowledge will help you reduce unnecessary enthusiasm and time consumption by over 90%!!

I will provide you with key information about fashion jewelry and answer most of your questions about the Namdaemun fashion jewelry wholesale market!

I have been exploring Namdaemun fashion jewelry for nine years, operated a retail store for about six years, and have been running the Namdaemun fashion jewelry wholesale platform “Heydome” for five years.

While navigating the Namdaemun wholesale market, I asked questions whenever I didn’t know something and if I thought it was necessary information, I asked again, and if there was any confusion, I asked other wholesale business owners. I gathered and organized the knowledge gained from these inquiries.

This information is difficult to come by; even when asking wholesale businesses, they often don’t know or are unwilling to share. The information related to fashion jewelry and the Namdaemun fashion jewelry wholesale market presented here cannot be found in other blogs or articles.

By knowing just this, you won’t need to look for information elsewhere. You’ll know more than most Namdaemun wholesale business owners.

I am confident that the content, into which I have invested a lot of time and effort, will be helpful to you.

Key information on fashion jewelry with 10 years of know-how

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I will share only the essential information about fashion jewelry and the Namdaemun fashion jewelry wholesale market, informed by my experience running a retail store and wholesale platform.

Service Description

“Are you considering selling fashion jewelry on Smart Store, SNS, live broadcast, Amazon, or Shopee?”

“Have you started selling but wasted time and enthusiasm searching the internet due to a lack of knowledge about fashion jewelry?”

“Are you curious about how to buy products from the Namdaemun wholesale market?”

“Do you have many questions about your sales but no one around to ask?”

“Do you lack someone to inform you about unconsidered aspects or share their experiences?”

“Are you looking for information on avoiding mistakes and managing sales operations?”

Are you considering selling fashion jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and rings? I will reveal key information about fashion jewelry and resolve your questions about the Namdaemun fashion jewelry wholesale market!

There has never been such a well-organized compilation of key information about fashion jewelry, the Namdaemun jewelry wholesale market, and purchasing methods.

I, too, asked and re-asked wholesale business owners while navigating the Namdaemun wholesale market.

Whenever I learned something new or discovered a new fact, I kept organizing and asking again, which led me to write this e-book.

Initially, the book had just over 200 pages; now, it has grown to 368 pages and will continue to be updated with new information.

Who am I?

I have six years of experience running a fashion jewelry retail store and eight years of experience in the Namdaemun fashion jewelry wholesale market. Currently, I operate a fashion jewelry wholesale platform based on this experience.

There are about 1,500 wholesale stores in Namdaemun, and I think I have visited each one. During my visits, I noticed that many people wanted to sell fashion jewelry but had difficulty entering the market due to a lack of information.

Many people asked questions that seemed very basic to me.

I decided to write about my concerns and experiences to provide key information that can save time and effort for those preparing to sell fashion jewelry or currently selling it.

I’ll share only the essential information based on my experience, which you cannot find on the internet.

I’m confident that just by reading this, you will gain 90% of the knowledge about fashion jewelry and the Namdaemun wholesale market.

I am still gathering new information while navigating the Namdaemun jewelry wholesale market and will continue to update this book.

I am sure this book will help you.

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Before I operated a fashion jewelry wholesale platform and a fashion jewelry retail store, I wished someone had informed me about such content…

It would have saved me a lot of time and enthusiasm spent gathering information and pondering.

On the other hand, I am glad my experience and knowledge can now help someone in a similar situation as mine before.

I hope this book helps you succeed.

  • We continuously update the content with new information. If updates are made, we will resend them to the email provided at the purchase checkout.

I will make this book the bible for fashion jewelry.

[Table of Contents for the E-book]

  1. Understanding the Wholesale Market of Fashion Jewelry
    1-1. Where to start with fashion jewelry wholesale?

1) Web Search
2) Namdaemun Market
3) Dongdaemun Market
4) Dongdaemun / Namdaemun Mobile App

1-2. Buying fashion jewelry “Dongdaemun Vs Namdaemunˮ – Where is better?

1-3. Basic information of Namdaemun Fashion Jewelry Wholesale building

1-4. things to do before you buy at your first time in Namdaemun market or before you do market research!!!

1-5. Don’t buy at first time, take a lap around the market.

1-6. Plan your first trip to Namdaemun Accessories Market

1-7. 6 years of retail sales experience walking around Namdaemun

1-8. Should I use Dongdaemun “ Sinsang Market “ to buy accessories?

1) A wholesaler that buys from Namdaemun market and sells at a margin
2) Namdaemun Wholesalers in “ Sinsang Market “
3) Very few direct producers

1-9. Dongdaemun Accessories Wholesale Market – NxxNxx, Papxxx, Edixx, 19xx, Yellxx

1-10. 1688, Can I buy from Alibaba?
1) Poor quality (plating, finishing, coating… etc.).
2) Fewer pretty designs.
3) There are a lot of bad ones.
4) Exchanges, refunds, and after-sales service are difficult.
5) Still, the minimum quantity per design is high.
6) The photo is not the actual product.
7) So you end up with a lot of unsellable inventory.
8) Poor quality and poor after-sales service leads to frustration.
9) You have a long lead time to receive your product.

So when should I use 1688, Alibaba?

1) When some economies of scale are possible
2) For basic designs
3) If the mall concept is a low-cost, set concept in the first place, and consumers don’t care much about quality.

  1. Namdaemun Market Basics for Beginners

    2-1. Do I need to have a business license for wholesale transactions? How do I issue tax invoices?

    2-2. What are the opening hours of the wholesale market, do they open at dawn like Dongdaemun?

    2-3. Namdaemun Wholesale Market Terms of Business

    1) Calling names
    2) Plate
    3) Jang-Kki
    4) Resources
    5) Where do you sell it?

    2-4. What should I do if this is my first time purchasing a product?

    1) Minimum purchase quantity
    2) Are you in business? What should I say to wholesaler when I first visit?
    3) But… why are you suddenly giving me a Plate? What is this?
    4) How to make sure I don’t show that I’m a beginner

    2-5. Do merchants rip me off if I look like a beginner?

    2-6. Do you accept card payments and cash receipts?

    1) Card payments
    2) Cash receipts
    3) Send money via mobile app
    4) Bank transfers
    5) A credit transaction

    2-7. Can I negotiate the price at Namdaemun Wholesale?

    1) Requesting a reward
    2) 5% of export value
    3) “Match the price~” strategy

    2-8. Is Namdaemun eligible for exchange, refund, or after-sales service?

    2-9. Can I reorder small quantities?

    2-10. Can I place an order by phone or Mobile SNS App?

    2-11. I placed an order with multiple stores, is there a way to receive it all at once?
  2. Basic knowledge of fashion jewelry

    3-1. I want to know the cost of accessories

    1) Cost of plating
    2) The material of the ear post (if it’s an earring)
    3) Type of cubic or stone
    3-2. How do I distinguish between earring materials?

3-3. Types of Plating

3-4. How Copper, Nickel Affect Quality

1) Include brass
2) Contains Nickel
3) Nickel free – plating that does not contain nickel

3-5. More on Plating – Thinking about Plating Thickness and Discoloration
Plating method Layers of plating

3-6. Nickel-free vs. nickel-plated further explained

3-7. Differences in discoloration rate by plating color

3-8. What the wholesale market says about gold plating – electroplating, electro-plating, substitution, chemical plating

3-9. Coating over Plating

3-10. What is the water coating in the final stage of plating?

3-11. Differences between Korean and Chinese plating

3-12. Another reason for the difference in plating discoloration between products from the same manufacturer

3-13. What is the difference between Gold Plated, Gold Vermeil, and Gold Filled?

Gold Plating:
Gold Vermeil:
Gold Filled:
Price difference

3-14. How does the ring plating work?

3-15. Brass? Iron… Why are they called Brass products?

3-16. Difference Between Cubic and Stone

3-17. Differences in Working with Cubics and Stones

3-18. Types of Pearls – Brief Description

1) Natural pearls
2) Cultured Pearls
3) Rhinestones

3-19. What is the difference between gemstones and natural stones?

3-20. Brass, Tin (Zinc) Production Methods and Casting

1) How to create a product with Brass
2) How tin (zinc) is produced

3-21. Earrings Made of Tin vs Earrings Made of Zinc

3-22. Features of titanium post in the production process of earrings

3-23. Are all stainless steel products made in China?

3-24 Earring Post – Stainless vs. Surgical Steel Differences

  1. Questions I had while buying

4-1. How do they do all those designs?

1) Produce your own designs
2) Request to factory after sampling
3) Delivering goods from producers
4) Direct imports from China
5) Assembling Parts
6) Get products from wholesalers selling at Namdaemun Market

4-2. Why do silver product prices vary from vendor to vendor?

4-3. Are there any silver designs that require plating?

4-4. Watch out for with 92.5% silver content

1) Content
2) Imitation silver, real silver

4-5. Aren’t most of Namdaemun’s products made in China?

4-6. Silver – Earrings, Necklaces, Rings… Secrets of Origin & Country of Origin Labeling

1) Domestic
2) Domestic (Jung-gu, Seoul) (Namdaemun Wholesale Market is located in Jung-gu, Seoul.)
3) Partners
4) China OEM

4-7. How to order earrings with nickel-free plating from Namdaemun Wholesale Market

4-8. What to watch out for when buying or making subsidiary assembly earrings

4-9. It’s a hairpin with a lot of stones in it. Why is it cheap

4-10. The process of working with earring, ring cubic bites

  1. Questions you might have while selling

    5-1. Accessory Online Shop – If you’re just starting out, Beginner? ….

    1) Explore the Online Shop app
    2) Visit Namdaemun Market
    3) Repeat step 1 again.
    4) Decide what you want your product to look like and how you want to price it
    5) Packaging / Paper Decision
    6) Buying goods at Namdaemun Wholesale Market
    7) Start selling on Online Shops & stores

    5-2. High vs. Mid vs. Low Price Which should I sell?

    5-3. How do I set my selling price?

    5-4. How do I choose a product design to sell?

    1) Your favorite product design
    2) Product design from the president of wholesale
    3) Choose a similar design from a popular store
    4) Visit a local accessory store where you think you might be a customer.

5-5. Why do you say you get allergies if it’s not gold??
1) Contains nickel – a common allergy trigger
2) Clutch
3) Are ear post made of silver, nickel-free, titanium, or stainless steel to minimize allergies?

5-6. Why are the selling prices of other companies cheap?

1) Buy cheaply from a regular vendor in Namdaemun market
2) Dumping stuff
3) Selling leftover inventory from previous purchases to recoup costs
4) Buy directly from China
5) Alibaba, 1688.com – Buy from Chinese dropshipping sites.
6) Sell it at Namdaemun purchase price or cheaply as a bait product for sales strategy

5-7. What to do if you’re only posting product photos without inventory.

5-8. Is this a real silver ring? It’s very tarnished.

5-9. 14K 18K GP(Gold Plated) , Gold Filled What is plating?

5-10. silver 92.5 but it sticks to the magnet! You tricked me into thinking it was silver?

5-11. I put on a silver ring… it’s green? It comes out~.

1) If it’s not defective
2) If it’s defective

5-12. Chinese imported silver earrings are fake? Some Online Shops also sell fake silver earrings?

5-13. Can Silver 92.5 Earrings Break?

5-14. Causes of poor quality cubic part falling out of ring earrings

5-15. Will my Cubics break when manufacturer solder earring post?

5-16. These designs can easily discolor when stored in a ziplock bag.

5-17. Why are the screws on my earrings not turning?

5-18. Causes and Responses to Broken Earring Post

5-19 What to look out for when selling stainless steel bracelets for babies

5-20. Points to note when exporting Korean accessories to the U.S. Canada Australia and Europe

5-21. Why is the Namdaemun Swarovski base design sold overseas?

5-23. Where can I buy CHANEL, Gucci?

5-24. Products – Alibaba, Taobao’s Image Search Finder Widget

  1. Create a personal brand

    6-1. I want to create a personal brand~.

    1) Start a Online Shop & Offline Store
    2) Buying Finished products at Namdaemun
    3) Namdaemun Materials Purchase & Product Assembly
    4) Designing a product

    6-2. Things to consider when developing your own design

    1) Factory production cost

2) Design work costs
3) Losses and defects in production
4) Inventory costs
5) New products not released due to psychological contraction

6-3. One very easy way to make handmade earrings

6-4. Things to consider when producing in China

1) Minimum quantity
2) Order quantities that account for defects
3) Designs that differ from the sample
4) Plating color different from the sample

6-5. Where do I buy accessory materials? Namdaemun Vs Dongdaemun

6-6. Namdaemun Subsidiary materials Shopping building

6-7. Namdaemun material combination & soldering design

6-8. Where do you make paper cards for package?

1) A typical paper card sold in Namdaemun shopping district
2) Paper card products made and printed in each wholesaler

6-9. Where to buy paper cards, vinyl, ziplock bags, and display tools

6-10. Who are they?

1) A plating factory
2) Production plant companies
3) A supporting company
4) Owner for card and vinyl bosses
5) Export Agency
6) Dongdaemun pickup service

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