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Clip-on earring screw issue

Clip-on earring screw issue.Why the clip-on earring screw won’t turn

Clip-on earring screw issue

Most of the content I write about comes from my experiences and insights gained from visiting Namdaemun Market.

Recently, while talking with a business owner who exports several thousand pieces of a single design to a Japanese franchise, I learned about an issue they encountered during the production process, and I wanted to share this story for Clip-on earring screw issue.

In fact, earrings that don’t require ear piercing are called clip-on earrings. They are worn by tightening a screw to secure them to the ear. However, when they tried to mass-produce these clip-on earrings and export them to Japan, the screw part that secures the earring to the ear didn’t turn properly after importing them from China.

Naturally, the screw should turn easily, but it didn’t, so they had to reorder from China after production.

At first glance, it might seem trivial to ask why a screw won’t turn. One would think that the factories supplying these parts have delivered countless normal products, yet such defects – Clip-on earring screw issue still occur.

The reason for the screw on the clip-on earring not turning is due to the coating. I was told that to reduce production costs, China applies a very thin plating. However, this plating is very vulnerable to sweat, moisture, and air, so they coat the plating.

When coating the product, if the factory isn’t careful, the coating solution can get into the threads of the screw and harden. Although factories typically prevent coating solution from getting into the threads, sometimes those that do not pay attention can cause such a major issue.

Of course, you could use a tool to turn the clip-on earring screw, but it’s impractical to do this for thousands of pieces.

If you are selling clip-on earrings and you find that the screw parts are not turning, you might think:

“The clip-on earring screw isn’t turning? The coating solution must have gotten in and hardened. This means the clip-on earring parts were produced in China. If the coating on the plating isn’t done well, the plating might discolor easily, leading to customer dissatisfaction.”

When buying clip-on earrings, it’s a good idea to check whether Clip-on earring screw issue is or not and whether they were produced in China, and if the plating was done in Korea.

This may be a simple problem, but it may not be a simple problem when mass-producing, so it is necessary to inform the factory manager of the precautions when producing.



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