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Why do the jewelry wholesalers call it a Brass material product?

Brass? Iron?… Why do the jewelry wholesalers call it a Brass material product?

When we visit the Wholesale Jewelry Market, sellers often mention this.

“This item is made of brass~”
“All my items are crafted with high-quality material~”
“Brass items are pricier~”
“Being brass, it has better plating~”

( Shinju = brass, called Shinju (Brass) in Japan, doesn’t stick to magnets )

brass shinny material at wholesale jewelry market

Firstly, let’s look at the characteristics of Shinju (Brass), an alloy of copper and zinc. Copper is a material used in electric wires, meaning it conducts electricity well.
Shinju is also a mix of copper, allowing electricity to flow to a certain degree.

At wholesale jewelry market, you often hear the term “Shinju”.
For example, when it comes to earrings, some are made of iron and plated, while others are made of Shinju and plated.

I explained that there’s a plating method where you dip it in a solution, and there’s also electroplating, passing electricity through the product to make the plating solution stick.

In simple terms, Brass “Shinju” material product→ good electricity flow → better absorption and adherence of plating solution → improved plating → better color.
It looks pretty. It’s organized like this.

However, since Brass material product contains copper, the material is naturally more expensive than iron. So, at wholesale market, for example with earrings, there are cheaper iron products and pricier brass products.

Actually, it’s hard to visually distinguish iron from brass products. Nowadays, plating technology is advanced, making iron and brass plating look similar.
Yet, there are differences in smoothness, discoloration, and gloss of the plating.

Therefore, products labeled by sellers as brass are highlighted.

“Our product is brass~~” means… high quality.
“I like the plating~”
“I like the shine~”
“But it’s a bit expensive~”
“If you want good quality… you should buy it as brass~?”

This is interpreted to mean:

Moreover, you may see magnets in wholesale stores. They’re used to check if a product is iron or brass.

which one is brass or iron material

For instance, someone brings a product for after-sales service, and the seller puts a magnet on it. Since there are many designs and similar products from each company, it can be confusing.

However, if all their products are brass, they first check if they stick to a magnet. If it sticks, it’s iron, confirming it’s not their product.



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