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Where do jewelry come from at wholesale market?

Where do jewelry come from at wholesale market?

When we go to the accessory wholesale market to purchase products, we encounter about 1,200 jewelry wholesalers. Even if each wholesalers has at least 500 designs, if you think of 1,200 wholesalers * 500, the number of products that can be purchased in the market is at least 600,000 designs

“Wow~!! How did they make so many designs? ”
“Are you designing it yourself? Who supplies it? Do you import products from China, Thailand or India? ”

I will try to write based on what I know.

1) Direct design production

Where do jewelry come from?

The wholesaler designs the product directly in 3D and then produces it domestically or in China and other countries

Wholesalers now use 3D tech to design products and make them here or in places like China. 3D makes things cheaper and faster. Making things locally is quick but costs more. Making them abroad is cheaper but takes longer. Wholesalers choose based on cost, time, and what buyers want.

2) Request to factory after sampling

Here’s the second thing about Where do jewelry come from . Designs from existing cubic products, jewelry designs, magazines, etc. are given to professional manufacturers and asked to change the design like this or that.

Then, it will be produced by a professional manufacturer. Alternatively, the factory produces semi-finished products (intermediate products, not finished products).

Even though I don’t design products myself, I still need some sense since I’m modifying an existing product.

3) Receive products from some manufacturer

How do wholesalers produce their jewelry at wholesale market?

Manufacturers make sample products and show them to big sellers to get them to buy more. They want to sell lots of these products later on.

They don’t give the same product design to many sellers. This keeps their products special. They either choose a few sellers for each design or make sure each seller gets a different design.

By doing this, they make sure their products stay unique. This way, sellers don’t have to compete just on design. It helps keep the market healthy, with sellers trying to be the best in other ways, like better prices or service. This strategy helps manufacturers sell more while keeping their products interesting.

4) Direct import from China

Where do jewelry come from? Is if from China or Thailand or Korea?
We go to China, go to accessory wholesale markets like Yiwu Market, import finished products or semi-finished products (products before plating), and if they are semi-finished products, we only assemble or plate them domestically.

Accessory wholesale markets like Yiwu are no longer price competitive, so instead of going to large-scale wholesale markets, they look for small wholesale markets on the outskirts or small factories on the outskirts to request production or receive products.

Small wholesalers often supply products to large wholesalers in Yiwu, so if you find a good small wholesaler, you can get them at a good price.

5) Assembly of subsidiary materials

Wholesalers often purchase accessory parts from parts wholesale markets to create products. They use these parts in combination with various design ideas to assemble their unique products. This process involves a lot of creativity, as they come up with different designs and turn them into real, tangible products.

On the other hand, some wholesalers do not use the generic parts available in the market. Instead, they design their unique parts and have these designs produced in Chinese factories based on their specifications. These specially made parts are then used to create unique and personalized products.

In places where products are made in this way, everything is done by hand. From the design phase to the manufacturing of parts, and finally to the assembly of the final product, every step involves human touch. This not only infuses the products with a human touch but also gives each item a unique characteristic.

In conclusion, wholesalers employ various methods to produce their products. While some use existing parts to create new designs, others go the extra mile to design and produce new parts for their creations.

Creativity and passion for the product are crucial in this process. With these two elements, wholesalers can produce distinctive and attractive products that stand out in the market.

6) Goods are supplied from wholesalers currently selling in the wholesale market

Here’s the last thing about Where do jewelry come from.

이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 image-2.png입니다

Wholesaler in market = Manufacturer,
There are cases where products are supplied directly from wholesalers in market and then sell their products in a same wholesale market.

It is called a wholesale house or editing shop. I think there are at least 5 to 7 of them in korean wholesale market. We sell same designs which they got from other wholesaler, but the wholesale price is similar to or slightly higher than the existing wholesale price.

In this case, if you are a wholesaler (manufacturer), there is a minimum quantity to be produced per design, and if the minimum production quantity is large, you may supply it to another wholesaler to quickly run out of inventory.

Alternatively, there are cases where a wholesaler receives goods by requesting them from an existing wholesaler. Existing wholesalers sometimes supply products because they think it will create another sales route.

If you look at the process that affects the final supply price, that is, korean wholesale pricing, you can also look at how the wholesaler operates.

In other words, you must find a wholesaler with the most reasonable price structure among the prices determined through that process.

First, once you understand the production structure and visit a korean wholesaler, you will be more interested in the prices charged for the products.



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