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What causes allergies when wearing earrings

What causes allergies when wearing earrings

” I have a problem Either I wear gold or I get allergies. Even silver causes allergies when wearing earrings. My body only likes expensive things.”

Many people have allergies if they don’t wear gold. After going to wholesale jewelry market, I think I know why.

Some people are sensitive to things that are not gold. Let’s talk about why allergies happen.

1) Nickel – The Reason for Allergies

The most basic cause of allergy is nickel. Nickel is one of the biggest causes of allergies. It is important to check whether the product contains nickel.

Nickel is a substance that makes products sparkle and slows down color change. That’s why many online and offline stores emphasize “nickel-free plating” when introducing products.

Simply put, the product minimizes the chance of causing allergies when wearing earrings.

” This has no nickel to reduce allergies “

2) Clutch

clutch for earrings

Do you know what a clutch is? It’s the part at the back of an earring that stops it from falling.

Why can it cause allergies when wearing earrings? It has nickel. If the clutch has nickel, you might get allergies even if the earring is gold, silver, or nickel-free.

To put it simply, if the part called the clutch has nickel in it, the chances of getting an allergy go up.

Many people don’t think much about the clutch; they just focus on the product (like earrings). But even if the earrings are made of gold, silver, or without nickel, if the clutch has nickel, there’s a higher chance of getting an allergy.

an allergy to the ear

Some people say,

“I only wear gold, or I get allergies.” They think their body is special.

Gold products usually have gold clutches, not nickel ones. So, you won’t likely get allergies with gold clutches.

But in the wholesale jewelry market, when selling silver, they might give nickel clutches. They are cheaper. Using the same clutch for a long time can make clutch break. Then, the metal in the clutch can touch the ear, causing allergies when wearing earrings.

For people using silver, nickel-free, titanium, or stainless steel, they can still get allergies because of the clutch. Sometimes, people blame the material, not knowing the clutch is the problem.

Clutches without nickel cost a little more than the usual nickel ones, but people often stick to their usual clutches out of habit.

That’s because the clutch touches the ear. When you repeatedly put the earring in and out of the ear hole, the clutch hole can wear out. If this happens, the metal parts of the clutch can end up in the post , leading to allergies and inflammation in the ear.

So, people think, “I have to wear gold to be safe!”

3) If Ear Posts are Silver, Nickel, Titanium, or Stainless Steel, Minimizing Allergies?

This is important. seller say using silver, titanium, or nickel-free ear posts reduces allergies. But this mostly helps with the post part.

There are three parts of an earring that touch the ear:

cause allergy when using earrings

The earring itself (connected to the post)
The post part
The clutch

But most people usually only think about one part—the post part. There are other parts that touch the ears, but strangely, I only think about ear post. The rest of the product itself (the part that connects to the post ) and the clutch are also closely related to the occurrence of allergies when wearing earrings.

The presence or absence of nickel in the product itself has a significant impact on the occurrence of allergies. However, in reality, the part that touches the ear cheek may be more important than the entire product.

This means that every part of the product that touches your ear cheeks is crucial.

In fact, when I go to the wholesale accessory market, the wholesalers talk about whether it is nickel-free or nickel-plated. Initially, I thought that most products with silver post were nickel-free. In fact, silver post are slightly more expensive than regular post or nickel-free post . I assumed that if silver was used, the plating should also be nickel-free.

However, when I looked at a silver post earring company with a good design and reasonable price, they mentioned that the plating was nickel plating. They said that nickel-free plating makes the product less attractive. In other words, the product parts were nickel-plated, the post were silver post , and the clutch was a nickel-free clutch.

“Is the clutch nickel-free?” When I asked this, the employee looked a little surprised. It is said that almost no one asked whether the clutch was nickel or nickel-free.

Often, the reason why people develop allergies is simply because of the material of the product. The material ultimately depends on whether it contains nickel or not, and that nickel is likely to be in the product itself, the post area, and the clutch.

If there is nickel in one of the three places in the product, there is a possibility that an allergy may occur.

Many people can avoid allergies when wearing earrings if they carefully check the material of the part that touches the ear cheeks.

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