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Things to keep in mind when buying or making earrings using parts

Things to keep in mind when buying or making earrings using parts

I’ll let you know what to be careful about when buying earrings made using parts or making earrings using parts. I recently took out an old product from a zipper bag and had a small realization.

making earrings with parts

There are parts A, B, C, and D above. The plating on part A is very clean, but parts B, C, and D are discolored and dirty. The product above was supplied by a wholesaler, but some parts were plated.

Why did some parts discolor and not discolor when making earrings using parts?

The reason is that the materials needed to make the above earrings are obtained from a material dealer (a wholesaler that only supplies materials).

A did not discolor, but B did. You can guess the reason as follows.

This is because the earring wholesaler in question purchased subsidiary materials from a material dealer, but part A used good plating, and part B used bad plating.

If the material dealer directly produced parts A and B in Korea, the plating level is somewhat good.

However, most of the material stores in wholesale jewelry market produce in China and bring it to Korea. Some products come from China as finished products with plating, while some come to Korea in a pre-plated state and only the plating is done in Korea.

I think part A may have been plated in Korea. Or, even if the plating was done in China, if the plating was done well, the plating may last longer.

making earrings with parts 1

In fact, from a material dealer’s perspective, we try not to use good plating often. Because costs go up and margins get smaller.

I once explained this to you once, and it was said that one of the reasons why finished Chinese earrings are cheap is because they use thin, inexpensive plating and then coat it on top. Because it is coated, the plating is not exposed to air.

It will look like it is going away.

Since coating can also be done on subsidiary materials… Part A…

Made in China, Good plating in China + Made in China, Plating over coating + Made in China, Plated in Korea + Produced in Korea, Plated in Korea (simple subsidiary materials can be produced in Korea)

Parts C and D are the same.
If the plating is good, it will not discolor so easily.

Since that product was clearly in a plastic zipper bag, it should not discolor due to less contact with air. However, some subsidiary materials did not discolor, but some did.

You can see that there is a difference in the plating level of the subsidiary materials when making earrings using parts

Now, if you make a product using subsidiary materials, you have to pay attention to the design, but you also have to pay attention to the level of plating of the subsidiary materials.

If you were making the product yourself, you would not have paid attention to the design at all. However, the product he made was delivered to the consumer… Even if it was in a plastic zipper bag, the discoloration was like that, but if the earrings were just stored after wearing, the discoloration of the plating would have been more severe.

This will create dissatisfaction with quality and create a bad image for your brand. Please remember and consider these points when purchasing subsidiary materials and making earrings using parts.

You must check whether it is a subsidiary material using good plating… whether it is a subsidiary material produced in Korea… whether it is a subsidiary material plated in Korea… you must check.

Please remember the advertising copy: “Small differences make luxury goods.”



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