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The reason why plating discoloration speed is different even though it’s from the same wholesaler

Another reason why the plating discoloration speed is different even though it is a product from the same wholesaler:
Differences in discoloration speed depend on plating color

As I was organizing the products in stock in the warehouse, I noticed that some had discolored plating and some had not. Of course, we explained that plating can easily become discolored for various reasons.

plating discoloration speed is different

However, some wholesalers’ products had very cheap wholesale prices, but the plating did not discolor.
However, some wholesalers’ products had good plating and high wholesale prices, so I thought that the plating would last longer, but that was not the case.

Of course, there are many reasons that affect the discoloration of different plating, but I thought it was a little strange that there was a difference in the discoloration of the plating even though the products were supplied from the same wholesaler.

They must have traded from the same plating factory. Then, the durability of the plating luster would have been similar, so I wondered why there was a difference in plating discoloration speed.

Of course, it depends on the skill of the technician at the plating factory, the time taken when immersing in the plating solution can be different, and there are various reasons,
so I understood it that way… but I heard another reason that affects plating discoloration speed.

The owner of a wholesale company told me about his experience… He was at a factory where he entrusted plating every day, but one day, the plating started discoloring very easily, so he asked the factory about it.

plating discoloration speed is different from same jewelry wholesaler

I asked why the plating on this product discolors so easily. Of course, the owner said he was a little surprised because he had over 20 years of industry experience.

Since we have been doing business for a long time, is the plating factory a joke because of the increase in costs? I thought it was strange to think that he would not have hit.

However, the plating factory explained that it may be because the electrical voltage of the plating machine is incorrect. When plating, electricity is applied to the plating solution or to the plating machine. There is a level at which plating works well, but if the voltage is not right, plating will not work well.

It is said that most plating shop machines do not have devices that show voltage. If you applied voltage to the plating machine and soaked the product in the plating solution as normal as before, as in the previous plating process… I found out later that the plating may not work properly because the electric voltage of the plating machine is different. No see.

Of course, at the time, the plating shop was working as usual, so problems may not have been discovered. So, the wholesaler said he asked the plating factory again.

“Then how do you set the most ideal electrical voltage for the plating machine?”

A plating factory official explained that while operating the plating machine and plating, the plating is dipped into the plating solution and the electrical voltage is checked from time to time to see if the plating is working well.

In other words, it is said that this happens accidentally because the process at the plating factory is carried out manually. This problem cannot be confirmed right away, and if the plating easily discolors after sale, there is no choice but to check for some abnormality.

Currently, when products are sent from the wholesale jewelry market to the plating factory, it is even more difficult to confirm the problem because small quantities are sent every day.

The wholesaler who experienced this problem said that he had requested work from a plating factory in large quantities to supply for overseas export, and had realized that the electrical voltage in the plating process could be a problem in plating discoloration speed.

First of all, please be aware that fluctuations in electrical voltage of plating factory machinery may also affect plating discoloration.




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