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Silver ring defect – I’m wearing a ring, but the green color comes out

Silver ring defect – Selling silver products may inevitably lead to complaints from customers at some point.

“Why is there green or black residue on this silver ring?”
“Is this really sterling silver? Are you trying to deceive me?”

Silver ring defect green color comes out

I recently encountered such situations and inquired about the causes from several wholesale silver suppliers. The conclusion is that sometimes it’s due to faulty plating, but not always…

When it’s not faulty,

It is not a defect

There are products treated with a patina like this. They have black residue in crevices or grooves. Since it’s treated with a patina, when worn on a finger, sweat may cause the black patina to dissolve and stain.

If it stains your finger, it’s expected because it’s originally a silver ring treated with patina, so it’s not defective. Also, using silver cleaners or cloth can remove or diminish the black residue.

When it could be faulty – Silver ring defect

Silver ring defect. It is a faulty

For instance, if silver products are plated, greenish liquid might come into contact with your finger, especially in complex shapes or hollow designs or at connection points… etc.

“Why is this green liquid coming out? It’s a silver ring… why is it happening?”

I was puzzled by such occurrences too.

“Isn’t it silver? Is the plating defective?”

Such plating is a method where a coating is applied on top of materials like sterling silver or alloys. However, I didn’t hear complaints about this issue with products made of other materials.

“But why does it happen with silver? Why???”

Well, let me explain.

Silver ring detail image

When applying gold or rose gold plating on silver products, an original silver surface is coated with a solution to ensure proper adhesion of the plating. If the plating is thick enough, there usually aren’t major issues like this silver ring defect.

However, if the plating is thin due to poor adhesion or the complexity of the product’s shape, the coating might dissolve due to sweat or water, and that’s when the greenish liquid might come out.

“Why does it come out if it’s plated?”

As I explained earlier… in complex shapes, such phenomena can occur.

Silver ring defect - defect point

Arrows indicate where cubic zirconia is set. Such areas are more likely to have poor plating. Complicated or intricate areas and specific points may not be properly plated, thus making it easier for the greenish coating to be visible.

Yes, that’s correct. It is a Silver ring defect.

When there are gaps, sweat or water can touch the inner greenish coating, resulting in the emergence of a greenish ring on the finger.

Defect explaination

Such cases are not common but they do happen occasionally. Hence, some silver wholesale suppliers prefer to sell only pristine original silver products to avoid such defects caused by structural complexities.

So, if a product has a complex design structure, there might be a slight possibility of defects due to structural flaws.

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