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At silver jewelry wholesale market, Check this out when you buy a silver ring

We received complaints from overseas buyers.

“Is this really silver? “I don’t think so.”
“I put it in silver cleaner and it turned more black?”
“Is this real silver? “Are you sure?”

I also thought the wholesalers really don’t sell silver at silver jewelry wholesale market?.

At silver jewelry wholesale market, Check this out when you buy a silver ring

“If you put it in silver cleaner, shouldn’t it come in silver color?”
“How did you put it in silver cleaner and it turned more black?”
“Isn’t this just a silver-plated Shinju ring?”

Doubts piled on me. So I asked the wholesaler.

“Is this a silver ring? I put detergent in it and it turned blacker?”

The wholesaler at silver jewelry wholesale market explained…

You can make a ring just out of silver material. However, the downside is that since it is a silver sleeve, it can easily discolor when exposed to air or sweat.

Using a silver cleaner will help restore the silver to its original color to some extent, although it may still be prone to discoloration.

Silver plated ring

That’s why silver jewelry wholesalers make silver rings like this.

1. A silver ring made entirely of pure silver.
2. pure silver + silver plating
3. Pure silver + copper plating + color plating (gold, rose gold)
4. Pure silver + copper plating + nickel + color plating (silver, gold, rose gold)
5. Pure silver + nickel + color plating (silver, gold, rose gold)

Here, the silver ring complained about is number 3. Pure silver material + copper plating + silver plating

Earlier, when I explained the types of plating, I discussed why copper plating is utilized despite the silver composition in the wholesale silver jewelry market. They mentioned that copper plating is employed because it enhances glossiness and slows down discoloration when followed by silver plating.

Silver ring wholesale

While copper plating is rarely applied since the product is originally silver-based, it’s occasionally utilized for rings designed for fingers less susceptible to allergies.

So, manufacturers copper plate the product to enhance glossiness and prevent discoloration. However, if the external plating is peeled off, the copper plating underneath becomes exposed, appearing discolored in black or dark red hues.

Without knowledge of the various production methods of silver prevention, what would happen if you buy a ring like that and then mindlessly put it in a silver cleaning agent?

The silver cleaner only removes the outer silver plating, making the underlying copper plating more visible.

In other words, if you soak the silver product in a very light cleaner and then remove it, the external dirt will come off and clean it to some extent, but if you don’t know this, you can just keep putting the silver product in the silver cleaner until it becomes clean and it will completely discolor.

This was the case when an overseas buyer made a purchase.

It became discolored, so I used silver cleaner on it… and it became even more discolored.

“Isn’t this silver? Didn’t you cheat?”

This is how it happens.

Actually, this is a controversial topic. It’s ambiguous to label it solely as a silver product when copper plating is applied first, followed by additional layers of silver, gold, or rose gold plating.

First of all, when buying silver earrings, necklaces, and rings at the silver jewelry wholesale market, you should be aware that there are various production methods.



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