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Essential Tips for Selling Stainless Steel Bracelets for Babies

What to look out for when Selling Stainless Steel Bracelets for Babies

This is what happened around me when Selling Stainless Steel Bracelets for Babies.

Parents of babies or young children will probably have a Mi-Avant bracelet on each of their children’s wrists for fear of losing them.

There are many places on the internet that sell anti-lost bracelets. Most of them are stainless steel bracelets

I often do 14K bracelets. I would probably buy more stainless steel bracelets.

I don’t even think I need a 14K bracelet because I’m not allergic to stainless steel, and I don’t think I need a 14K bracelet. So I go online and search for a lost and found bracelet and buy one.

When I search on Google, I see a lot of stainless steel bracelets at the top of the search results like this.

By the way, be really, really, really careful when Selling Stainless Steel Bracelets for Babies………………….. really!

There’s a catch. It’s that a wholesaler may sell you a stainless steel bracelet, but the entire bracelet may not be stainless.

“Uh, no.. If it’s a stainless steel bracelet, it’s just a stainless steel bracelet, what does that mean?” You might be thinking, “No, it’s not.


Example. We emphasize again that stainless steel bracelets may not be made entirely of stainless steel. Parents are especially concerned because their children’s skin is delicate, so they’re worried that they’re going to have skin problems. They’re worried that they’re going to get allergies, so they buy a stainless steel lost and found bracelet.

You’re probably thinking about this and trying to sell stainless steel lost and found bracelets. But here’s where you can get into trouble if you’re not careful.Selling Stainless Steel Bracelets for Babies ? You have to be more careful.

need to check this part when you sell bracelet for baby

This is where the problem lies.

The other part is stainless… The problem is that too often this connecting part (the o-ring) is not stainless, and too often that connecting o-ring is iron, but neither the person selling nor the person buying really cares.

The wholesaler says it’s a stainless steel bracelet, so it’s all stainless… so it must be stainless. Of course, the buyer may also look online and think, “Well, it’s 100% stainless, so it must be okay.

But if a wholesaler is selling those bracelets as a finished product, you probably wouldn’t mind selling them.

But be sure to check to see if that connection is stainless or just iron.

The reason is that when children use these bracelets, that connection is in contact with the skin of the wrist, and they develop skin allergies. It’s not just a mild allergy because they’re kids, it’s like hives.

It often takes a month or more to heal when it’s alive and well.

What if you sold a bracelet that you thought was 100% stainless steel, and someone complained that it caused a problem with their child’s skin?

They’ll probably argue that the allergies are minimized because it’s 100% stainless steel, and they’ll argue about who’s responsible for what they sold.

But if you believe it’s a stainless steel bracelet, but it’s actually an iron or stainless steel bracelet, and it’s a nickel-plated O-ring that’s allergenic. you would be liable as the seller.

If you don’t know these things, you’ll probably end up in a never-ending war of words, with both sellers and buyers blaming each other.

In the end, to prevent this from happening, you’ll want to use  ˮYes, that’s right.ˮ

Even if the wholesaler tells you it’s 100% stainless, you still need to pay attention to the connections.

If you only buy stainless steel chains and cut them to make bracelets whenever you get an order for bracelets…

Yes, the O-rings you use to connect them are also stainless, which is why you MUST, MUST, MUST use stainless.

Here’s a real-life example of a problem product that caused a month-long skin breakout. That part is not real stainless steel and caused a child to break out in hives on his wrist for a month.
If you’re selling a stainless bracelet for a baby or child, make sure those connecting O-rings are also stainless

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