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Adding a Protective Coating Layer to Jewelry

Adding a Protective Coating Layer to Jewelry

Let’s talk about putting a special layer on jewelry. Some people might think everything sent to other countries has this special layer.

jewellery that has been discolored in the color of the plating

But, that’s not true. Most things sent abroad don’t have this special layer. It’s not common for things sold in wholesale stores. They only add this layer if someone from another country asks for it.

This special layer goes on top of the jewelry coating and makes it last longer. But, many times, people don’t use this layer because it might change the jewelry’s color a little. Also, if the jewelry changes color later, it’s harder to fix if this layer is there. That’s why most stores don’t use this layer.

It depends on things like cost. Some wholesale businesses might add this layer if someone from another country asks for it and wants at least 50 pieces. But, it costs more and isn’t common unless someone asks for it.

In places where it’s very humid, like the Philippines or Taiwan, people might ask for this layer to stop the jewelry from changing color quickly. But in drier places like Korea, where the jewelry is usually good, they don’t need it much.

I once did a test on accessories from Namdaemun. I put some in humid places like during showers or workouts. They changed color in just 1-2 months. But when I added this special layer and put them in saltwater for months, the color stayed almost the same.

Because this special layer costs more, people only use it if they want to export cheap jewelry or want the Coating Layer to Jewelry to last longer. But, they need to check with the wholesale provider about how many pieces they need to order.

Protective Coating Layer to Jewelry

Water Coating at the End of Plating

I visited a place that sells jewelry. Earrings usually cost between 1200 to 1500 won. Before, they were cheaper, but now they had to make them a bit more expensive because the special layer costs more.

Surprisingly, even though these earrings are cheap, the Coating Layer to Jewelry doesn’t change color easily. When I asked, they told me they add a special layer at the end, and it’s with water. I’ve talked about how important it is to do something special after coating, and it turns out this water layer is the key.

This water Coating Layer to Jewelryis a simple but important step in making fashion jewelry. It’s like adding a layer without using strong stuff or heat—just water. The process might be a bit different in each place, but it’s usually simple.

First, they clean the jewelry really well. Then, they spray or soak the jewelry in a liquid for water coating. This makes a layer that stops water from getting in. They adjust the liquid’s temperature and strength to get the best effect. Finally, they let the jewelry dry.

There are two ways to do water coating: soaking in a liquid or using a spray. Using a spray is better because it protects the jewelry more. But, it’s a bit more expensive.

Non-shiny coating, like matte coating, changes color more easily. So, stores that sell non-shiny jewelry often add water coating at the end. But because it costs more, not all stores do it.

In short, water coating is super important for fashion jewelry. It protects the jewelry and makes it look clean and smooth. It also makes the jewelry last longer.

So, water coating adds a layer to protect the jewelry from air or water. This delays the jewelry from changing color, stops the metal from getting old, and makes it shiny.

But, not all jewelry gets this special layer. Stores that talk about water coating usually focus on cheap jewelry.

Water coating is a bit simpler and cheaper than other ways of adding a layer. But, it’s not as strong, and the jewelry might change or peel. So, they add water coating at the end to make it stronger and keep the metal color for a bit longer.

But, adding water coating can change how the jewelry looks. For example, earrings with water coating might look lighter in color. This might be why they feel a bit lighter and not so fancy.

So, water coating is good for simple jewelry. But for things that need to be really strong and protected, other ways might be better.

Because making the metal layer itself is expensive, they might make it a bit thinner and use water coating for cheap earrings and necklaces. I talked about this before—some places say their metal layer is 3 mills thick. Usually, that’s normal or a bit thick. But, even with a slightly thinner layer, if the color looks good and the quality is nice, it’s still a good product.



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