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9836 Cases – Number Of Overseas Transactions since 2020 at Online Wholesale Jewellery

If you knew about us- Online Wholesale Jewellery, selling would have been a bit easier for you.

Do you know there’s a wholesale site for fashionable jewelry in Korea? If you’re selling our products without knowing about us, you might be losing money.

Now that you know about our jewelry wholesale site, it can greatly boost your sales.

In Korea, there’s a wholesale market called Namdaemun Wholesale Market with around 1,200 fashion-related wholesalers.

Fashion Jewelry Online Wholesale Site heydome

Many people think wholesale jewelry markets exist only in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. If you’re reading this, you might have the same idea.

You’ve probably seen other stores with prettier and more unique earring designs.

Why can’t you find a wholesale market with lots of pretty and unique earrings? Because there wasn’t enough information about the wholesale jewelry market.

A Google search will show you mostly Chinese wholesale sites or sites selling products from Chinese markets. Finding info about the Korean market was difficult.

About 10 years ago, agents in the US, Canada, and Europe would visit the Korean market, buy goods, and distribute them. But most of these agents have disappeared now, affecting the availability of Korean products.

If you’re not dealing directly with overseas markets, your profit margins may be very small or non-existent.

That’s why we created a wholesale site to supply jewelry directly from the Korean market to you. Now you can sell unique designs that other stores don’t have.

We started various businesses in 2008 and have experience running offline stores. In June 2020, we began operating a Korean jewelry wholesale site. We’ve exported earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more for almost four years.

– HEYDOME – KOREAN Online Wholesale marketplace

As of today, we’ve completed 9836 transactions overseas. It may sound like a lot or a little, but it’s a significant achievement for a Korean Online Wholesale Jewellery that was unknown.

We initially focused on Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore but are now working on marketing in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Number of transactions exported overseas from the Korean jewelry wholesale market

If you sell fashion-related products, we want you to know about us. If you want to sell unique jewelry, you should get to know us.

Even today, we’re exploring Korean wholesale markets for beautiful designs. We’ll work hard today and tomorrow.

Remember us; we’d love to help you increase sales for your company.



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