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Not all gold plating contains actual gold

Gold plating in the wholesale market – electroplating, substitute gold, chemical gold

In addition, let’s examine the terms electroplating, substitute gold, and chemical gold used in the wholesale market.

When selling products domestically and internationally, domestic customers do not pay much attention, but overseas, especially in the United States and Canada, whether 14k or 18k gold plating is very important.

As explained previously, 14k and 18k do not refer to real gold but the level of color of the gold plating.

Not all gold plating contains actual gold

It is gold-plated, but it is usually specified whether the color is similar to 14k gold or 18k gold. Here, gold plating contains only a very small amount of gold. Gold must be used to produce a pretty plating color, and discoloration occurs a little later than regular plating.

But then I think about this.

“No, doesn’t all gold plating involve gold?”

Yes, not all gold plating contains gold. There is a separate solution that produces the color of gold.

When gold plating, there are cases where it is plated with a different solution that does not contain gold but produces a gold color. Each wholesaler or plating factory seems to speak slightly differently. They say it is substitute gold or chemical gold. It is meant to replace gold.

Since gold is not used, plating costs will be lower. However, plating with substitute gold is said to be 30-50% cheaper than plating with actual gold.

It’s good for us here to know that this can also be the case. I went to a certain wholesale store, and the price wasn’t expensive even though it was gold-plated? Well… it’s a good idea to think about it at least once.

Of course, due to mass production, there are wholesalers who sell silver, gold, and rose gold plating at the same price regardless of silver, gold, or rose gold plating.

However, since no one asks, there are cases where gold is removed from the gold plating and plated with a substitute gold (chemical gold).

At first glance, the product appears to have a similar plating color, but the plating cost is slightly lower, so when exporting overseas or for price competitiveness,

There are cases where it is plated with a substitute gold plating rather than gold plating that uses actual gold.

Of course, the quality is slightly inferior, but since it is a product sold at a low price, there are cases where it is overlooked, so there are cases where substitute money is used.

In particular, the United States and Canada are sensitive to 14k and 18k plating, and if you do not know this information, you may sell it thinking that real gold is involved.

In other words, if you only care about 14k or 18k colors, you need to be careful that you may sell it without checking whether it is actually plated with gold or not.

Also, electroplating and electroplating are used to mean the same thing, and most accessories are plated using electricity.

However, sometimes, if you look at wholesale fashion jewelry vendors, sometimes people say, “We did electroplating? Or we produce by electroplating.”

At this time, there may be two meanings.

  1. If a wholesaler (employee) has no basic knowledge about plating and simply says electroplating, the purchasers will think that good plating was used, so they can just say it was electroplating. In fact, most plating methods are electroplating.
  2. If the wholesaler says electroplating, the gold plating is done with real gold. In other words, this may mean that we did plating using gold rather than using substitute gold (chemical gold).

So, I asked the wholesaler, “Is this electricity gold plating?” Asking, “Is this really gold contained? Isn’t this chemical gold where gold is used only for colors that don’t contain gold? There is a meaning.

Not all gold plating contains real gold

In fact, wholesaler workers may not know the detailed production process, so when you say, “We used electroplating and electroplating,” they often don’t know much either.

So when we hear something like this… “It was plated with real gold, not substitute gold, right?” It would be better to double-check. (Smells like some kind of expert?)

If you do not have this basic knowledge when purchasing a product from a Chinese wholesale site, you may think that gold plating always involves gold.

As I have explained many times, the reason why Chinese designs are cheaper is due to various price factors such as labor cost, plating cost, raw material price, etc.

However, it should be thought that just because the design is similar does not mean that the quality is also similar.

If we look at the cost only in terms of plating…

You should also consider that the price of plating can vary greatly depending on the thickness of the plating, the presence of nickel-free/nickel-free, use of substitute gold, presence of coating treatment, etc.

First of all, it would be good to know that not all gold plating contains actual gold.



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