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It sticks to the magnet even though it’s 92.5% silver earrings !

It sticks to the magnet even though it’s 92.5% silver earrings ! Were they lying about it being silver?

“Why is this silver earrings sticking to the magnet if it’s silver?
“Does that mean it’s not really silver… Did they sell non-silver products by deceiving us?” “Did they deceive us by calling it silver?”

Last time, a foreign buyer raised such a complaint, and this time, another buyer also lodged a complaint. They kindly provided evidence videos.

is it a not silver earrings ?

So, I also thought the same as the buyer.

“If it’s silver… it shouldn’t naturally stick to magnets, right?” “Is this company playing around with alloys that contain less silver? Is that what’s happening?”

Naturally, it’s common knowledge that silver shouldn’t stick to magnets. However, both wholesale companies A and B say that their products can stick to magnets.

One wholesale company insists they only sell original silver products without plating to avoid any misunderstanding that they might be selling non-silver items.

Firstly, we need to confirm what the reasons are. Firstly, not everything labeled as silver may be silver 92.5%. Many silver products distributed in Korea are imported from overseas, such as China, Thailand, Turkey, etc. We need to be slightly cautious as silver is slightly cheaper in these countries than in Korea.

“I did say it’s silver, but I never said it’s 92.5% silver earrings!”

To reduce the production cost of silver products, some are made not with silver 92.5% but with silver mixed with other metals. In such cases, the presence of other metals may cause the product to stick to magnets.

It’s also said that occasionally, products with less than 92.5% silver content are distributed from overseas factories as silver 92.5%. Sometimes, during production, they may initially supply silver 92.5% but later supply products with less silver content, deceiving the buyers.

So, some wholesale companies occasionally go to jewelry district to conduct ingredient tests when importing silver products from overseas.

Now, let me explain another reason why silver products may stick to magnets.

In the picture, both the left and right sides are coated with silver. The bluish layer between the inner and outer silver is the cobalt coating, which is what causes it to stick to the magnet.

surface structure of Silver earrings

When you go to wholesaler, you’ll find pure silver earrings, silver coated to give a silvery shine, as well as gold-plated and rose gold-plated products.

To achieve a silver shine on silver, a solution is applied to the outer silver layer to facilitate the coating. Directly coating the silver material won’t work well, so a coating (layer) is applied to the silver to facilitate the coating process.

While I’m not an expert on production, it’s worth noting that there’s a production process where a substance called cobalt is used to assist in achieving the shine similar to nickel plating. It’s said that cobalt has a property to slightly stick to magnets. Of course, there may be products with and without cobalt coating processes.

Then someone might ask again,

“I tested my silver earrings product with a magnet… and it didn’t stick…” “Isn’t it really not silver? Are you guys lying?”

I conducted some experiments myself… and confirmed that some silver products stick to magnets while others don’t.

According to explanations from plating factories related to this matter… Depending on the amount of cobalt, which is applied to facilitate silver plating, some products may or may not stick to magnets. For example, thin necklaces or small earrings might not stick to magnets because the cobalt layer is thin.

However, when a product’s thickness is increased or when the connection part of a necklace needs to be sturdy, naturally, a thicker plating (increased plating thickness) will require more cobalt. When the amount of cobalt increases, it can stick to magnets.

We discussed with other silverwholesaler , it was even mentioned that stainless steel products can sometimes be attracted to magnets. When I tested stainless steel products with a magnet, I felt a slight pull.

Stainless steel products also need to be plated with gold or rose gold, of course. And to facilitate plating, a solution needs to be applied to the stainless steel, and if that solution contains a component that sticks to magnets, then there’s a high chance stainless steel products will stick to magnets as well.

So, I explained these related details to the buyer.

When I inquired with three wholesale companies about this, they all provided similar explanations.

Firstly, it seems like we should be aware that silver earrings may also stick to magnets. That way, we can respond appropriately if we receive complaints from customers in the future.



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