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How to distinguish earring post materials in jewelry wholesale market

How to distinguish earring post materials in the jewelry wholesale market.It would be as follows: regular posts, stainless steel posts, surgical posts, titanium posts, and silver posts.

How to distinguish earring post materials in the jewelry wholesale market

This time, we will discuss how to distinguish the material of the earring’s post part in the jewelry wholesale market.

The material of the earring’s post part is one of the crucial considerations when selling earrings. When purchasing earrings at the Namdaemun Wholesale Market. The material of the earring post is often the first question that comes to mind.

As you plan to start selling earrings and buy them at the wholesale market. You will likely contemplate whether to use regular posts, silver posts, titanium posts, or surgical posts.

The choice may depend on your personal preference as a seller.But if concerns about consumer allergies arise, opting for silver posts might be a prudent choice jewelry wholesale market.

Silver 92.5 post for earrings at jewelry wholesale market

If the desired design works well with regular posts and you are unconcerned about selling it. Opting for a product with regular posts is a viable choice. Consequently, some sellers choose to offer both silver and regular posts together.

Let’s delve into examining the materials of earring posts.
Common types include regular posts, stainless steel posts, titanium posts, surgical posts, and silver posts.

regular post of earring in the jewelry wholesale market

In the Namdaemun wholesale market, regular posts are also referred to as nickel posts. If we were to list the probability of allergic reactions in the order of earring post materials,

It would be as follows: regular posts, stainless steel posts, surgical posts, titanium posts, and silver posts.

In terms of earring post costs, the order is consistent. Regular posts, Stainless steel posts, Surgical posts, Titanium posts, and Silver posts. Ultimately, the more expensive the material, the less likely it is to cause an allergic reaction.

Unfortunately, you cannot go to Namdaemun Market and inquire about the material of posts from each wholesaler. While wholesalers will disclose the material upon inquiry, continuously asking each wholesaler about post materials can be burdensome.

Therefore, we will share a method to roughly identify the post material without directly asking the wholesaler. The most common method is distinguishing by the color of the earring post.

Regular posts and nickel-plated posts have a bright metallic color with no stains, commonly associated with shine.

However, the color alone can be confusing. As regular posts with nickel plating, regular posts without nickel plating, silver posts with nickel plating. And silver posts with nickel-free plating all exhibit similar colors.

To discern the post material without asking the wholesaler, another approach is to apply force and bend the post slightly.

Regular posts with nickel plating will not bend easily, while silver posts with plating might bend more readily. In some cases, you may also find “92.5” engraved on the silver post part, indicating it is a silver post. However, even without this engraving, the post may still be silver.

It’s important to note that a silver post may discolor slightly when exposed to air. And if it bends easily when force is applied, it likely indicates a silver post.

Next, let’s discuss the characteristics of titanium posts. Compared to regular posts, titanium posts are less shiny and have a slightly darker color. The color is generally confusing, but you can consider titanium posts as having a somewhat darker. And less shiny appearance than regular posts.

Silver posts, on the other hand, exhibit the color commonly associated with silver. But they may discolor slightly over time when exposed to air. If the post bends easily, it suggests a silver post.

silver post of earrings with Rubber

In summary, distinguishing between “regular posts + nickel plating” and “regular posts + no plating” is challenging in jewelry wholesale market
Wholesalers may use both without clear distinctions. So if in doubt, inquire about the post material by asking.
“Is it a nickel post?” or “What is the post material?”

Some wholesalers may be willing to accommodate requests for nickel-free plating or silver posts, depending on your preferences. Keep in mind that a minimum order quantity may be required in the jewelry wholesale market.

In the next discussion, we will provide more detailed explanations about the crucial aspect of plating in fashion jewelry.




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