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Features of titanium posts in the earring production process

Features of titanium posts in the earring production process

There are several types of earring posts. General post (nickel post), silver post, 14K gold post, brass post, stainless steel post, titanium post

The earrings found at the Namdaemun Accessories Wholesale Mall are made from one of the above types. However, titanium posts have unique characteristics that are different from other posts when making earrings.

First, when making earrings, the post on the back of the earring is soldered and the body of the earring is attached to the post. For cost reasons, when producing in China, we first decide what to do with the earring posts, and then import them as semi-finished products from China.

If you are considering cost, you will just use a regular post. If you are considering quality, you will use a silver post. If you do not want the silver post to discolor, use stainless steel or titanium posts, which are less allergic.

In conclusion, it is said that there is a titanium post and the solder does not work well when trying to connect it to the body of the earring. The fact that soldering does not work well means that the titanium post does not adhere well to the body of the earring.

However, when we walk around the Namdaemun accessories wholesale mall, we see earrings made with titanium posts.

No, they say they don’t solder well… Titanium posts are less prone to allergies, but you might be thinking, if you use titanium posts that don’t solder easily, won’t they break easily and cause a lot of defects later?

So, in order to use a titanium post, it is said that the end of the titanium post has a small circular plate that is slightly wide like a nail head. So, a small circular plate is plated, and the plated part is attached to the body of the earring with solder.

Features of titanium posts

You can think of a titanium post as shown in the picture above.

Since features of titanium posts are not good at soldering, there is a head like a nail at the end of the post… The area around the head is plated and the plated part is soldered to the body of the earring. In other words, the titanium part is not soldered, but the plating part is connected to the body of the earring by soldering.

shape of titanium posts

What are the types of posts above? Yes, that’s right. It’s a titanium post. Of course, not all titanium posts are shaped like nails.

If it looks like that and the color of the post is not completely black like that old one, but is a color between black and gray… dark gray, there is a high probability that it is a titanium post.

For reference, regular posts, silver posts, and stainless steel posts do not have such a wide tip. So, when soldering, the solder area is smaller and the post part is said to be cleaner.

Features of brass silver stainless posts

What is masturbation earring spit? First of all, that post is a silver post. For reference, it is a silver post, but the color is dark due to discoloration.

The silver post is well soldered, so there is no small plate at the end like a titanium post. So the post part of the product is clean.

However, if the area of ​​the soldered area is large, there is a disadvantage when making earrings.

Features of titanium posts become difficult to use in smaller earring designs. Of course, you can use it, but it may not look good.

Titanium post and normal post

On the right is a small earring using cubic… If cubic is used, the back of the product has a hole. This is because the cubic glows only when light enters from behind it.

However, if cubic earrings are used in such small-sized earrings and titanium posts are used, the hole will become clogged. A blocked hole means that light cannot enter the cubic, and if light does not enter through the back hole of some cubics, the cubic will not sparkle when viewed from the front of the earring.

In other words, it becomes defective.

So, in order not to block the hole on the back that was drilled for the cubic… Yes, that’s right. This means that titanium posts are not used well.

If you later request production from an outsourced factory to create a personal brand, you should be aware that titanium posts are structurally different from using regular posts.

If you request production of titanium posts for a small design using cubic, you must be careful that the back of the earring may not look pretty or the cubic hole may be blocked.

If you are looking at earrings at a Namdaemun accessories wholesale store and a wholesaler explains, “We used titanium posts,” be sure to check what the posts and soldered area on the back of the earrings look like.



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