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Differences in discoloration speed depend on plating color

“Did you know that the discoloration discoloration speed varies depending on the color of the plating?”

Plating colors include silver, gold, and rose gold. Among them, rose gold color discolors the fastest.

I took out the earrings that had been stored in the warehouse for the first time in 3 years. However, the products supplied from the same wholesaler were put in the same plastic zipper bag.
Some platings discolor, while others do not discolor even after three years, as if they were purchased yesterday.

Of course, the storage environment is the same. I put it in the same plastic zipper bag. It is the same design… The silver color is very clear and does not discolor, but the rose gold color is discolored and has no value as a product.

Of course, it is true that rose gold plating tarnishes faster than silver or gold plating.

This is why, if you go to the wholesale jewelry market, many of the wholesalers only sell silver-plated products. Silver is mainly sold in terms of management and cost, as the product must be displayed and sold in stores, and if the product is easily discolored, the product must be re-plated.

However, this question also arises. If the color of rose gold plating changes easily, what kind of wholesaler is selling mainly rose gold plating? It is true that rose gold plating tarnishes faster than silver color plating or gold plating.

But since Koreans like the rose gold color, they have no choice but to sell rose gold plated products, right?

So you don’t have to worry about discoloration?

Naturally, wholesalers are also concerned about the discoloration of rose gold plating. However, when plating, if you increase the thickness of the plating or use a better plating method, the rate of discoloration will slow down.

Therefore, wholesalers who specialize in rose gold tend to make the thickness of rose gold plating thicker than plating of other colors. If you visit the Wholesale Market and see that a wholesaler has a lot of rose gold plated products on display, you can think of it as saying that they are confident in plating.

However, sometimes, even though the products come from the same wholesaler, the plating of some products may be discolored and the plating of others may not be discolored.

One wholesaler usually deals with one plating factory. In some cases, they do business with multiple plating factories.

I guess… Even if the same wholesaler performs plating at different plating factories, such problems may occur due to differences in plating levels.

In addition, when plating, small plating factories have people directly immersing the product in the plating solution, so each person has differences in expertise or how much the product is dipped into the plating solution.

people in factory for wholesale jewelry

It is thought that such differences may affect the rate of discoloration of rose gold plating. In relation to this, there is something to be careful about when visiting Wholesale Market.

For example, if the design is similar but the price is cheaper than elsewhere, the thickness of the plating may be thinner.

In other words, you may not know it when you first buy it, but the discoloration speed may be rapid when you use it or when the product is displayed in a store.

Of course, wholesalers who mass produce may have better plating quality and cheaper prices than other places, but since we have to think about the general case, we do not buy anything that is cheaper than other places. This may be bad.

Also, it may be okay if you purchase the product at the Wholesale Market and store it in a plastic zipper bag at home or office. However, if you are selling in an offline store, the products will be exposed to air and humidity for a long period of time, so I think you need to be careful in choosing the color of the plating.

It might be a good idea to sell mainly silver colors and to sell designs with thicker rose gold plating. First of all, I think it’s important to keep in mind that rose gold plating has discoloration speed more quickly than other plating colors.



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