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Difference between gemstone and natural stone at wholesale jewelry market?

Difference between gemstone and natural stone at wholesale jewelry market?

Originally, while going to wholesale market, I bought cubic, stone, Swarovski, pearl… Since I only look at these materials, I don’t pay much attention to gemstones and natural stones.

In fact, there are not many wholesalers that make products using gemstones and natural stones.

While walking around the wholesale market, I saw silver 92.5 piercings costing around 8,000 to 11,000 won. By my standards, I expected it to be around 6,000 won since it was just silver,

But I was curious because the price was high even though it was small. There was only the size of a real grain of rice, and the price varied depending on the size, size, and shape.

So I asked.

“Isn’t it just a stone? Why is it so expensive?”

Difference between gemstone and natural stone

It was a moment when my ignorance was exposed… Still, I would like to share what I heard back then.

We need to check the difference between gemstone and natural stone

Gemstone: Unprocessed stone… raw. It somehow feels like it was made from nature, but in fact, it has not been processed, so the raw form of natural or synthetic stones is called a gemstone.

Natural Stone: Processed minerals and gemstones found in nature. ex) Diamond, ruby, sapphire… etc.

Since the raw stone is not marketable, it is said to be a natural stone that has been processed to give it its appearance.

“This is a gemstone.” What they say at Wholesale Market is It means “This is a natural stone..” It seems that gemstone = natural stone,

But it seems to have a slightly different meaning. However, natural stones are said to be processed from nature, but they can become gems or semi-precious stones due to their rarity, transparency, luster, scratches, etc.

What is called a gemstone in wholesale market is a natural stone, so isn’t it precious? Shouldn’t it be expensive? I think so.

Natural stone = It is not just a gem because it is a processed natural mineral. If you dye stone, which is just a common mineral… you can dye stone too. ㅍ

Most of the stones commonly seen in wholesale market or accessories are processed from raw stones, and once processed, they are called natural stones rather than gemstones. And even if it is dyed, it can be said to be a natural stone because it is processed from a natural gemstone.

If a gemstone is processed and only the shape of the gemstone is changed and polished, but the color of the mineral itself is rare, it would be called a gemstone as we think of it.

Silver earrings using natural stone

Even though they are called natural stones, there are untouched natural stones with their own color and processed natural stones with dyed or processed colors.

For example, the commonly heard cat’s eye and moonstone are actually natural stones and semi-precious stones, so they are expensive. However, you can artificially create cat’s eye or moonstone by synthetically coloring the stone and specially treating it to give it a cat’s eye or moonstone look.

And there is another kind. There is something called synthetic stone or imitation stone. Synthetic stone is made from materials (molecular structures) similar to natural stones and artificially applied heat and pressure.

Although it has similar material composition and structure to natural stone, it is artificially created. So, it has good transparency and gloss, but since it is artificially made, it has a different feel and gloss than natural stone, and its rarity is also different.

So what is the cubic we know?
Cubic, a substitute for diamond?

yes. you’re right. It is a synthetic stone. That’s why it’s so cheap that it can’t be compared to real diamonds.

I looked it up on search engine like google and found that even though it is a gemstone, the price is cheap. Gemstone bracelets are also sold at Wholesale Market for around 2,500 to 4,000 won.

If a low-value natural mineral (stone) is dyed and processed, the stone is also a natural mineral and can be called a gemstone.
It is important here to be able to dye the stone. There are gemstone bracelets, some that are blue in color and some that look like jade.

According to the Wholesale owner’s explanation… .Most natural stones are imported from overseas, mainly from China and India. It is said that the quality of natural stones in India is better than in China, so those produced in India are more expensive.

And since it cannot be produced every day even in India, the production quantity is less than expected and the size of natural stone is surprisingly small, but considering local production costs + company margins + transportation costs + tariffs, the cost of natural stone is bound to be expensive.

If you are walking around the wholesale store, and wholesaler say “This is a gemstone”

You have to ask:
“Is it a natural stone? Dyed? Is it a synthetic stone?”

But in fact, these words in the wholesale market are often explained without even knowing them.
So, please ask again when talking about gemstones and natural stones.



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