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Difference between Cubic and Stone

Difference between Cubic and Stone

I went to Jewelry Wholesale Market and this is what the wholesaler said.

“We use cubic.”

I’ve been going to wholesale market for several years, but at first the distinction between cubic and stone was unclear. Because to me, they all just look like shiny rocks.

If you look up the original meaning of cubic,

In other words, you can think of it as a gemstone that is an excellent substitute for diamond. In fact, Stone is also used a lot in accessories, but its luster is much lower than cubic.

Of course, the price is much cheaper, so it is used in low-cost earrings, necklaces, etc. Products using cubics are more expensive than products using stones, but they sparkle more and the product looks prettier.

However, there is the biggest difference between cubic and stone.

You probably know that diamonds have good transparency. High transparency also means that light transmits well. Cubic also transmits light well. In other words, it means that light can pass through anywhere in the cubic.

stone for fashion jewelry wholesale market.Difference between Cubic and Stone

However, the stone mentioned in wholesale market is artificially made, with a mirror attached to the back of the stone. Light does not pass through the stone and is reflected on an artificial mirror attached to the back of the stone.

Cubic and stone have completely different luster due to these structural differences.
Cubic stones have a luxurious luster as light passes through them, but stones emit light by bouncing off them, so of course their color is not as good as cubic stones.

Of course, cubic is more difficult to make than stone and has a completely different luster, so the price is bound to be different.

stone for fashion jewelry wholesale marketplace. Difference between Cubic and Stone

So, did this product use a cubic or a stone? The answer is Stone.

Why is that?

It’s because the back of the product is blocked. Stone said it’s coated on the back.
So it’s coated, so it doesn’t matter if the back of the product is blocked like that.

In the next article, I will explain the difference between Cubic and Stone’s way of working



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