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Online Wholesale Site – 9 Things To Watch Out

9 things to watch out for when purchasing earrings, necklaces, and rings from alibaba, 1688

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Online Wholesale Site – 9 Things To Watch Out when using alibaba,1688 website. When looking for fashion jewelry or accessories to sell in your boutique store, you probably looked for Alibaba and 1688 site to find cheaper products.

” Wow, that’s awesome! Is it cheap? “
” It’s less than half the wholesale price of Namdaemun market “
” Are Namdaemun wholesalers making big profits? “
” I bought it from Alibaba. 1688. What is the margin rate if I sell it on the Internet? “

an alibaba wholesale site that sells fashion jewelry at wholesale prices such as affordable earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings

First of all, Let’s summarize about Online Wholesale Site like Alibaba, 1688  shortcomings.

1. Quality (plating, finishing, coating)
The plating may not last long and the finish may be rough.

2. There are few pretty designs.
To lower the cost, we have no choice but to make the design monotonous and easy to produce. So there are relatively few pretty designs.
China is a production plant all over the world. So we usually produce a lot of cheap designs. They tend not to do well in high-quality and complex designs.

3. There are many defects.
It’s a lot better than before, but… There are still a lot of defects. If you import 10 pieces and 2 or 3 pieces are defective, it may be cheaper to just buy them at Namdaemun Jewelry Wholesale Store.

4. Exchange, refund, and AS are difficult.
Of course, it’s not easy because it’s overseas. Especially, it is more difficult to exchange because it costs a round-trip shipping fee.

5. Still, the minimum quantity per design is large.
In the past, hundreds were required per design, but now there are many companies that accept orders even if they do dozens. And now that the Internet is developed and competition is fierce, you can buy one at 1688 and Alibaba. 

However, good designs may still have a higher minimum quantity per design or still have a higher minimum quantity for price competitiveness.

6. The picture and the actual product are different.
Everyone only looks at the picture and the price and orders in their dreams. However, there are many cases where the picture is different from the actual one. Jewelry is hard to express with pictures On an Online Wholesale Site.

Small cubics, plating color, plating thickness, finish… It’s difficult to check everything with pictures and so on.

7. So there’s a lot of stock that can’t be sold.
In the end, if it is not sold due to quality problems, the inventory will accumulate that much. I’ll probably try to use it as a free gift later, but that’s not easy either. Defective + inventory…I’d rather use it as a wholesale gift at Namdaemun, but that’s not easy either. 

Defective + inventory…It might be better to buy it at Namdaemun Wholesale Store.

8. AS due to low quality and defect, complaints grow.
There are a lot of products that look fine. In particular, plating is the most important. It looks fine on the surface, but it often discolors quickly over time. It’s natural if the price is very cheap. It’s to adjust the price by making the plating thin and using a cheap plating. 

And if the water quality of the Chinese plating factory is bad, plating won’t come out well. It is said that plating comes out well because Korea has good water, but now China has a good plating level, so it is not much different from Korea. 

It’s not that Chinese plating is bad, but because it’s produced at a low price, I think the plating quality is low.

9. Long time to receive the product.
It’s coming from China, so the delivery period is bound to be long. If it takes a lot of time even if you order in a hurry due to a lack of inventory, the period of not being able to sell will be longer, so it could be a loss as much as that period.

In terms of quality, design, and operation, it is still necessary to be cautious about purchasing from Alibaba, China 1688.

Then,  When should I use Online Wholesale Site like Alibaba or 1688?

1. When economies of some size are available
It’s a case where you can sell it even if you import it in bulk.
ex) XX set, XXX daily set, XX 1+1 set

2. For basic designs
Small saliva earring set, ring earring set, piercing… There is not much difference in quality between China and Korea. If it is a simple and general design, it is okay to import from China.

3. If the concept of the shopping mall is a low-cost, set concept in the first place, or if the consumer does not pay much attention to the quality
It’s okay if you think the quality will be cheap because consumers recognize that they buy cheap products.

In fact, if it’s a shopping mall or store that sells a lot a month… 1688, do not use Alibaba. Later, I go to Iuna Guangzhou to see the accessory wholesale store and buy it. 

And you can recruit an agent there and ask them to find this design and give you about 10% handling fee. The agent then checks and delivers the minimum quality and defects.

I searched the shopping mall and found that this company is doing a great job in marketing. It’s a low-priced product, but it doesn’t look like a low-priced product as it covers it with photos and concepts.

There is no big difference in quality between small earring products, ear cuffs, ear cuffs, and hair plastics, and in the case of hair straps and gopchang, if it is simple design and general fabric, I think it is a company that is doing well in price and marketing.

If you look at the detail page, the supplier is either a partner or a Chinese OEM.

If you meet a Chinese factory or agent well, just send them the design or style of the product, and they produce or find similar products to some extent. It is similar to the OEM production of semi-finished products by a Korean Namdaemun wholesaler in China.

Because of the selling price, I think most of those shopping malls will come in as finished products from China after organizing products in that style

First of all, by my standards…

1. Open a shopping mall or store with the basic quantity with a minimal amount of sales

2. Slowly expand your product line

3. Basic design is imported from China due to cost reduction 

4. Importing intermediate-priced products with know-how created by importing basic designs

5. In the meantime, OEM production in China with root 

6. Of course, Korean Namdaemun earrings and necklaces are sold at the same time in all processes 

7. Korea + Some Chinese OEMs 

8. Developing Your Own Design and OEM Production – In Korea 

9. Develop Your Own Design and Produce OEMs – In China

You have to be careful. In Korea, if OEM production is done, the factory can check the defect or shortage as much as possible, but it can be difficult in China. Defects are made in the factory, but sometimes you have to bear the loss yourself.



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