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Causes for Broken Earring Post and Solutions

Causes for Broken Earring Post and Solutions

When selling earrings, there are instances where customers request exchanges or returns due to broken earring posts.

image of defective one

To properly address these issues, it’s important to understand why the posts are breaking. Generally, the likelihood of the problem being due to a manufacturing defect is higher than it being the customer’s fault.

The causes for Broken Earring Post is often due to poor soldering. Soldering is the process of joining the earring body and the post, not with glue, but by using a material and welding them together.

Soldering space

The contact area for soldering is small, and depending on the worker, the connection might be strong, or it might be weak. Since it’s a manual process, inconsistencies are unavoidable.

Causes for Broken Earring Posts

In the provided picture, you can see the narrow area where the post is soldered. Sometimes, the soldering isn’t done properly, and this isn’t always noticeable until the product is packaged and used by the consumer.

Defect point for Broken Earring Posts

When the consumer tries to use the earring, the weak soldering area might break.

Since humans perform the soldering, defects are inevitable. Posts rarely break or fall off with slight bending, but if a consumer reports that the post broke with minimal pressure, it is likely a manufacturing defect.

There is no need to argue with the consumer over whether it was their fault. If the post broke easily, it’s likely a production issue.

Examining the broken post can provide more insight. If there are smooth areas on the broken surface, it indicates incomplete soldering.

Therefore, if a consumer says the post broke easily, you can assume it was a soldering issue and simply replace the product.

You should also be able to confidently ask the wholesale supplier for an exchange, stating, “This product has a soldering defect causing the post to break easily.”

Various materials can be used for posts, such as regular metal, silver, titanium, or stainless steel.

Additionally, some wholesalers might say, “We embed the posts rather than solder them.” This can be confusing, but embedding the posts is possible through a casting method.

In the casting method, posts are placed in a rubber mold, and then molten metal is poured in. This method can be used with materials like tin or zinc rather than brass, commonly used in Namdaemun.

The advantage of embedding posts through casting is cost savings since no soldering is required. However, a disadvantage is that the joint between the post and the earring body can be less clean.

In summary, if a customer reports a broken post with minimal force, it is likely a soldering defect. It’s better to exchange the product and then address the defect with the supplier rather than arguing with the customer.



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