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Are all stainless steel earrings made in China?

Are all stainless steel earrings made in China?

As far as I know, almost 99% of the stainless steel earrings sold at the korean Wholesale Market are produced in China as finished products and then brought to Wholesale Market.

Actually, I wanted to say 100%, but I thought that simple things might be produced domestically, so I said 99%.

stainlesssteel wholesale jewelry

This is because, as far as I know, there are very few factories producing domestically due to labor costs and raw material supply or raw material costs.

In other words, I understand that if produced domestically, the production cost is too high and the environment for producing stainless steel products is not suitable.

So, as far as I know, most of the stainless steel products you see at the Namdaemun Accessories Wholesale Market are either designed in Korea, produced in China, and then imported into Korea, or selected by Chinese wholesalers and imported.

If an online shopping mall says it is a stainless steel product and the country of manufacture is Korea, the labeling is probably incorrect.

So, if you look at online shopping malls, you can see that the manufacturer is listed as a Korean partner. This can be seen as a trick to slightly avoid indicating that it was made in China.

Since I bought it at a korean wholesale store, there is a high probability that they will just use the title like a Korean partner company as the manufacturing country.

Of course, there may be places that produce stainless steel designs in Korea, but when I was wandering around the wholesale jewelry market, I have yet to see any wholesalers that produce stainless steel earrings in Korea.

It may seem a bit strange to sell entirely Chinese products imported at korean wholesale market in Korea.
However, it seems inevitable because there are no stainless steel production plants in Korea.

stainless steel earrings from korean wholesale market

And what’s interesting is that they are also exporting stainless steel products made in China back to China.

“No, you can buy it from the Chinese wholesale market… “What is the reason for importing from Korea back to China?”

The reason why Chinese buyers buy Chinese stainless steel products in Korea is because the Korean wholesale market contains designs carefully selected by Koreans.

Another reason is that because China’s territory is so large, the distance from any region to the Chinese wholesale market is too far, so considering transportation and lodging costs to the Chinese wholesale market, the cost is not much different from the cost of purchasing at the Korean wholesale market.

Therefore, it is said that there are times when they use the Korean wholesale market to send products that have carefully selected designs and are free from defects.



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